Technical Committees - 2019

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Technical Committee Chairs
TC Cluster Delegates (2019-2020)
- CD1. Energy: Chengbin Ma*
- CD2. Sensors & Control: Carmen Aracil*
- CD3. Information and Communication Tech: Armando Colombo*
- CD4. Cross-disciplinary: Oscar Lucia*

1. Building Automation, Control, and Management
Jan Haase* - Chair (2018-2019)
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2. Cloud and Wireless Systems for Industrial Applications 
Mikael Gidlund - Chair (2019-2020)
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3. Control, Robotics, and Mechatronics
Yasuharu Kunii* - Chair (2018-2019)
Web page:
4. Data Driven Control and Monitoring
Adel Haghani - Chair (2019-2020)
Web page:
5. Education in Engineering and Industrial Technologies
Oscar Lucia* - Chair (2018-2019)
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6. Electrical Machines
Radu Bojoi - Chair (2019-2020)
Web page:
7. Electronic Systems on Chip (ESOC)
Mickael Hilairet* - Chair (2018-2019)
Web page:
8. Energy Storage
Chengbin Ma* - Chair (2018-2019)
Web page:
9. Factory Automation
Marina Indri - Chair (2019-2019)
Web page:
10. Human Factors
Jinhua She* - Chair (2018-2019)
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11. Industrial Agents
Stamatis Karnouskos* - Chair (2018-2019) 
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12. Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems 
Yang Shi - Chair (2019-2020)
Web page:
13. Industrial Informatics
Valeriy Vyatkin* - Chair (2018-2019)
Web page:
14. MEMS and Nanotechnologies
Zhichao Tan - Chair (2019-2020)
Web page:
15. Motion Control
Michael Ruderman* - Chair (2018-2019)
Web page:
16. Network-based Control Systems and Applications
Wangli He - Chair (2018-2019)
Web page:
17. Power Electronics (PETC)
Sertac Bayhan - Chair (2019-2020)
Web page:
18. Renewable Energy Systems
Giampaolo Buticchi - Chair (2019-2020)
Web page:
19. Resilience and Security for Industrial Applications (ReSia)
Mo-Yuen Chow* – Chair (2018-2019)
Web page:
20. Sensors and Actuators
Sehoon Oh- Chair (2018-2019)
Web page:
21. Smart Grids
Thomas Strasser* – Chair (2019-2020)
Web page:
22. Standards 
Victor Huang* - Chair (2018-2019)
Web page: Standards Committee
23. Transportation Electrification
Fei Gao* – Chair (2018-2019)
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Technical Activites Committee

The Industrial Electronics Society Technical Activites Committee is chaired by the VP for Technical Activities and consists of Cluster Delegates, chairs of the technical committees listed above, and four additional members (2019 members appointed in Jan. 2019).

"*" - with AdCom voting rights

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